Crushing and Screening.  At Refined Products we crush and screen our own Asphalt Millings. We use an impact crusher that pulverizes the asphalt into smaller sizes. The end product is remarkable. Asphalt professionals can actually pave our materials with a paving machine.

Reclaimed Aggregate Stone Base.  We have reclaimed aggregate stone base that is available.  This product has been taken from existing parking lots that had crusher run installed. It is a mixture of asphalt and old crusher run.Reclaimed asphalt millings are both environmentally friendly and economical. The owner of the road spends less money on new liquid asphalt and virgin aggregate. Recycling the asphalt keeps construction waste out of landfills, cuts down on pollution created during the production of new asphalt, reduces the amount of new aggregate needed and reduces the cost of transporting materials. 
Crushed Concrete  Concrete pieces and slabs are crushed and processed to make a remarkable stone base. Any steel is also removed by the powerful magnet. Call for pricing
Reused Stone Base. When we ROTOMILL  jobs and the specification calls to Rotomill down 8", a lot of times we have reclaimed good stonebase. We save this product so if anyone needs used stone base we have it. ( this stone base may have larger chunks of broken asphalt in it)

Recycled Asphalt Millings screened from 1/2" to 1 1/2"

Pick up or delivery - CALL 1-302-420-0528

Delivery Available - Loads from 1 ton to 23 tons. Call 302-420-0528 for pricing. 

Installation - We can install Asphalt Millings and compact with vibratory rollers.

Call 302-420-0528 for Pricing